Luxury Jewellery & Watch Insurance Continued

Sadly, such items also attract the envious eyes of thieves, who increasingly target individuals whether in town shopping, out for dinner or away on holiday, as well as their homes.

Who should consider Luxury Jewellery & Watch Insurance? Many owners purchase stand-alone jewellery insurance, under-insure their items or worse, do not insure them at all. Equally, many owners simply do not realise just how valuable their pieces are; valuations have leapt upwards since 2010, but how many people are aware of this?

If you own or rent a property and own jewellery or watches with individual items worth over £10,000, our expert staff will be able to assess your requirements in full for your Luxury Jewellery & Watch Insurance as well as for other collectables and not to forget, general contents.

We will be able to advise you on how to reduce the cost of your insurance and provide risk management advice to help you reduce the chances of your cherished items being lost or stolen.

The cover we arrange includes:

• Worldwide All Risk Cover for Contents, Personal Effects, Art, Antiques and Jewellery
• Agreed Value Luxury Jewellery & Watch Insurance
• Enhanced Luxury Jewellery & Watch Replacement Cover
• All Risks Cover for Buildings
• No automatic warranties / endorsements
• Sensitive claims management
• No fixed requirements for physical security or alarms
• Home Emergency Cover
• Legal Expenses Cover
• Portfolio Insurance to include Motor and Marine where required
• Peace of mind with your Luxury Jewellery and Luxury Watch Insurance

Let PWI bring you peace of mind with Jewellery and Watch Insurance


1. Personal assessment and review
With a dedicated contact, we conduct an initial assessment of your needs over the telephone, at your home address or place of work dependent of your preferences, discretion and complexity. We will discuss your what is important to you and look to overcome current issues that may inhibit your lifestyle such as warranty restrictions and then agree a preferred renewal date.

During the meeting we will discuss any additional assistance that may be required in working out the value for replacement of your treasured items.

We will then agree your required timescales for stage 2.

2. Report and recommendations
Through getting closer to your individual needs, we provide our partner insurers with a better understanding of your requirements and in doing so our underwriters are able to tailor a personalised solution with the right cover. Our relationships enable us to go a step further so that should the need arise, we can obtain a contribution or fully fund risk improvements for you such as valuations, leak detection systems, alarms, safes, electrical inspections and vehicle trackers to name just a few.

We will report back to you our as agreed and discuss with you our recommendations with written confirmation. Copy reports and contents inventory will also be provided as required.

3. Continuous service
Providing terms are acceptable as a client we will contact you at regular intervals either monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annually as per your requirements to ensure that your policy remains up to date and your requirements are still being met as well as ensuring that our recommendations remain value for money.

Other Services

One Policy Covers All Insurance

Our aim is to reduce the number of insurance policies our private clients have spread across the year, many of which are simply not needed. PWI assesses and arranges cover tailored to meet your requirements - often with one common renewal date and under one single Portfolio Insurance policy.

Jewellery & Watch Insurance

Virtually all of the clients we meet who own luxury jewellery and watches have wonderful stories to tell about them. Whether a precious inheritance, an extravagant reward or simply a sparkling piece of beauty that once caught the eye, these items hold enormous sentimental value and are worthy of only the very best Luxury Jewellery & Watch Insurance.

Motor Insurance

Whether you own a car for practical purposes, have a love of sleek lines or musical engine tones, having the right insurance protection is key to unlocking the freedom of the road.

Holiday Home Insurance

Many of our clients own additional residences located in the U.K, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Republic of Ireland, used either for private getaways or as short term lets.

Property Owners Insurance

Whether you are a Buy to Let owner, landlord or trust company, we can arrange cover dependent on your individual cover requirements so that you get the most cover from your policies without paying for protection you do not need.

Business Insurance

At Property Wealth Insurance Brokers our commitment to go further for our affluent clients extends to our services for their commercial needs.

Contract Works / Renovation Insurance

Clients spend huge amounts of money on renovations, extensions, basements and outbuildings, yet this is one area in which, in our experience, customers are often left without important Contract Works / Renovation Insurance protection because of a reliance on contractors, who may only have simple Liability Insurance. This leaves you, as a property owner, very exposed.

Structural Warranty (Latent Defects) Insurance

For private clients thinking of undertaking renovation for existing domestic properties or new builds, we can arrange suitable Structural Warranty Protection (Latent Defects) Insurance for you to ensure your investment does not become a money drain. We can help with:

One Policy! One Renewal! All Covered!

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